Why Care About Carbon Farming?

Carbon markets are developing rapidly, and companies are lining up to purchase carbon credits, giving growers new avenues for profitability. But how are carbon credits generated? Why are companies interested in them? Where have growers been seeing success? In our Carbon College courses, we will provide an introduction to these concepts and equip you with the knowledge to help you take the first steps in applying these cutting-edge concepts out in the field.

Why Take These Courses?

  • Build Your Knowledge

    Understand how carbon markets and agricultural carbon programs work

  • Learn The Science

    Build your own carbon farming practice toolkit by learning what drives carbon sequestration and their many benefits

  • Understand Profit Potential

    See how carbon farming and the significant demand for carbon credits could increase profit potential

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CCA CEU Credits

Carbon College is proud to offer Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) up to 3 Continuing Education Credits (CEU) across the areas of Sustainability, Crop, Soil, and Nutrient Management

Learn From The Experts

Professor Emeritus - University of Illinois

Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus from the University of Illinois, with more than three decades of experience in agricultural research and extension work. He is focused primarily on crop science and soil science. He is passionate about understanding and improving cropping systems through the lens of soil management.

Regenerative Agriculture Economist

Dan Ochs

M.S. Agricultural Economics || B.S. Applied Economics and Management || Dan has worked as a crop consultant and a farm business management extension agent. His goal is to help farms make agronomic decisions that maximize long-term profitability!

Regenerative Agronomic Expert

Tom Lawler

M.S. Soil Science || B.S. Agronomy || Tom grew up on a 1450 acre corn and soybean farm in Northwest Iowa, which taught him the value of hard work and dedication. Tom believes carbon farming is an opportunity to observe, learn about, and enhance the function of our soils, and in turn, improve crop resilience and quality while lowering overall input costs and increasing farm profitability.

Soil Health Specialist

Liz Haney

Liz Haney, Ph.D. is a well-respected leader in the regenerative agriculture, soil health, soil carbon, and nutrient cycling fields. She holds degrees in Wildlife, Soil, and Ecosystem Sciences. Liz is a co-developer of the Haney test, which is being used world-wide for soil health analysis. Her purpose, drive, and passion are helping to improve producer profitability, environmental sustainability, and human health through regenerative practices and soil health. You can follow her on Twitter at @drlizhaney.

Sustainable Agriculture Expert

Ryan Stockwell

Ryan Stockwell, Ph.D. serves as the Ag Partnerships Senior Manager at Indigo Ag. Previously, he served as the Director of Sustainable Agriculture for the National Wildlife Federation. He also served on the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research Council and the Board for the Midwest Cover Crops Council. In his spare time he farms near Medford, WI using regenerative practices.